SEWC - School of Excellence in Wound Care

AIUC – the Italian Skin Ulcer Association has opened the first School of Excellence in Wound Care (SEWC) for the year 2016 – 2017.

The School accepts maximum 25 students.
The course is divided into two modules, a 2-day and a 4-day module. 

The School opening is subject to minimum 18 enrolments. 

If the School does not open, the enrolment deposit will be refunded in full. 

The School of Excellence in Wound Care wishes to offer a highly scientific  insight into the healthcare professionals (physicians and nurses) who already operate in wound care or those wishing to approach this subject in order to enrich their technical and scientific knowledge. In the selection process, preference will be given to candidates who are AIUC members.

To achieve its goals, SEWC may sign special agreements with third party bodies (whether public or private and/or under agreements with the Italian National Healthcare System) across the EU.   

School Principal: Dr Francesco Petrella, Naples

Scientific Director:  Dr Giovanni Mosti, Lucca

Scientific Panel: 

Dr. Roberto Brambilla, Monza
Dr. Ferdinando Campitiello, Naples
Dr. Alessandro Greco, Frosinone
Dr. Marco Marchelli, Genoa
Dr. Giovanni Papa, Triest
Dr.  Laura Rasero, Florence
Dr. Maria Luisa Veneziano, Rome


Medical area: Dr. Giovanni Papa
Nursing area: Dr. Maria Luisa Veneziano