Project name: Quality of Life Study in Wound Care

Over the last decades the ageing of population has led to an increase in chronic diseases causing several complications such as chronic skin ulcers (CSU).
Scientific literature has revealed an incidence of CSU up to 3%. However, little is known about CSU real impact on these patients and even less is known about their life quality and social status.

Following the path laid out by AIUC through the SIUC study, the Simitu Association (Association for the rights of patients affected by chronic skin ulcers)  proposed a survery on the patients’ life quality by investigating also some health significant factors such as their occupation, education and social status. 

 "Quality Life Study in Wound Care" involved approximately 100 healthcare professionals operating across Italy. Thanks to ad hoc filled out forms, they revealed the first Italian data on a too often underestimated reality.   The first results on the collected information were presented at AIUC’s first National Meeting which in Bari. The final outcomes were finally revealed at AIUC’s World Meeting in 2016. 
Thanks to this study, we will have data on the physical and psychological conditions of SCU patients including information on their daily lives.