How to request AIUC's Patronage

In compliance with AIUC’s Regulations enacted on 8 October 2015 , the Supervisory Board may approve -with a simple majority of votes- to bestow its patronage to other legally formed scientific societies and patients’ associations for national and international conferences.  It may also grant its patronage for educational events arranged by institutional and government bodies such as ASL (Italian NHS units), professional associations, Ministries, regional, provincial and municipal offices and private entities.

To request AIUC’s Patronage, see the attached Form.

A Patronage Request should be made in writing on letterhead of the concerned party, and it should include a detailed programme and all information required in the Form. It should then be sent via email to:

Upon receipt of the authorisation by the Supervisory Board, the National Secretary Office will send a letter granting the patronage and it will advertise the event on its website.