About Us

Over the last years “skin ulcers” (whether venous, arterial, diabetic or hypertensive) have become more and more important also due to the growing elderly population and their chronic and disabling diseases. Skin ulcers represent an increasingly crucial clinical care problem, which is often disabling and difficult to approach.
Thanks to the work of renowned experts in the field, the Italian Association for Skin Ulcers is committed to acting as a meeting forum as well as a national point of reference for all those who have to tackle skin ulcers on a daily basis. 

The Association aims at sharing state-of-the-art knowledge in terms of research, physiopathology, diagnostics and treatment of skin ulcers. A clinical-diagnostic interdisciplinary approach combined with competence, humbleness and enthusiasm is key to addressing this problem. Continuous studying and researching is a vital condition which underpins the notion that in order to be informative, you have to be able to act with competence and eagerness to learn. Always.


Aiuc is registered in the RUNTS - Single National Register of the Third Sector from 7/10/2022 and in the List of Scientific Societies and Technical-Scientific Associations of Health Professions accredited to the Ministry of Health pursuant to the DM 2 August 2017